Birthday Shoot in the J.W. Cooper School

Bre and I got together last week to do a shoot for her birthday in the J.W. Cooper School. The school is being restored into a community center, if anyone is interested in shooting there I highly recommend it.

Donations to shoot there go towards the restoration process, so every shoot counts!

Check out some of the images we made within just an hour of being on the property and in a minimal amount of locations! We used the auditorium for the first three, the basement hallway for the fourth image, and the upper floor of the gymnasium for the fifth!

Fall Photography Workshops!

Starting September 14th I will be teaching three photography workshops over at the Hazleton Art League!
The workshops will be a beginners workshop the 14th, a natural light portrait workshop on October 12th, and a studio light portraiture workshop on November 16th. The workshops will be from 1PM until 5 PM and $60 a workshop!

Check out the other workshops and classes!
Check out the event page here!

Otherworldly Photo Shoot

A while back my friend Nikki came to me with a concept for a shoot, ALIENS.
She had this whole setting planned out with bio-luminescent grasses, discolored ground, and different kind of inhabitants for this world.
It took us a little while to get everything done, but the finished product is still one of my fondest memories with everyone involved. Check out the work below, Nikki put so much into everyone she created.

My older work usually has my watermark on it, my old beard and glasses, I got rid of that logo in recent years.

Behind the Scenes; HSS Lighting Collaboration with Catacomb Culture

Here’s behind the scenes images the lighting used and fog to create one of the portraits on the portfolio page. If you follow me on social media then you’ll already know that I work with Catacomb Culture a lot. I ordered some High Speed Sync speedlights to use on our shoots, I absolutely adore the added dynamic lighting they contribute

Jeremy of Catacomb Culture applying the fog to the images!

Behind the Scenes with the lighting used to create the image of Hayley on the portfolio page.